Investments & Management for Health and Sustainability

About our founder and CEO

Mikael Boström
is an entrepreneur and source of inspiration with a deep passion for, and extensive experience from, creating and running powerful concepts that support healthy and sustainable development in the world. He is a continuous supporter of new innovation and promotes the philosophy that everything you want to make happen is possible.

Mikael is a graduate from the 
Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm Sweden and Dartmouth in New Hampshire USA. He also served the Swedish Air Force within the area of airbase telecommunication.

During the university studies he co-founded his first company which developed, produced and marketed a new innovative foldable boat anchor, the SEAROOT. After finishing University and the experience of his first company start up, it was time to learn and interact within a big global organization and joined the ABB Trainee program. At ABB he also lead the development of the ABB Flexpalletizer System which was a new approach for ABB to not only provide a standardized industrial robot but also a standardized complete robot system, including robot, conveyors, grippers, control system etc.

Mikael co-founded Packsize which today is the world’s leading provider of lean packaging supply chain solutions for businesses with many different box sizes and complex corrugated demands. The solutions are radically cutting down on packaging waste as well as transit volume and saving the environment around the planet.

Mikael served as mentor for Business Sweden focusing on the development of consulting services for swedish companies that wants to export and grow on the global market. He was also a "Creator of the future" with the swedish organisation for Principals, Rektorsakademien, to develop the leadership in cooperation between business and school leaders.

He loves to explore the unlimited power each one of us have within ourselves and how we can develop our body, mind and spirit to peak performance through training, diet and mental awareness. To share these insights and knowledge he has co-founded RawfoodMiddagar which merged with ClearLife.se to inspire people in living a fun and healthy lifestyle. The last addition is Soolia.com that distributes high quality products for a healthy lifestyle to health stores, yoga studios, therapists etc in the Nordic countries.

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