Investments & Management for Health and Sustainability

Our Services 

We deliver a broad range of services that guarantee measurable results and a positive impact on your business.

We deliver measurable results and together with you we start by defining the result you want and how to measure progress.
We work hands-on with start-up, early stage, high-growth, turnaround and mature businesses who want to create a long term pathway to sustainable growth.
We work with entire organizations, groups or one-on-one advisory meetings and mentoring.

Business planning
Professional planning and a written business plan, condensed around the key elements, is the roadmap to your success and serve as the groundwork for attracting financing and getting funded.

Business model development
Developing and finding your ultimate business model and explore the best go to market strategies can often be the tipping point between failure and massive success.

Marketing and Sales planning
Properly planned Marketing and Sales efforts will maximize your potential.

Operations assessment
Analysing organizational effectiveness, researching and negotiating vendor contracts, uncover employee power, drive efficiency and improve profitability.

Financial reporting 
Establishing proper financial reporting and analysis is key for managing a growing business. It is also critical in the work of getting funded or for selling or buying a business.

Management coaching
Working with an independent, trusted advisor on a clearly defined result you want to achive can make the difference and help you brainstorm, find solutions and take actions towards success.

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